iPad Pro 9,7" For Apple Pencil.
iPad Pro 9,7" For Apple Pencil.
iPad Pro 9,7" For Apple Pencil.
iPad Air 2 9,7" / New iPad Pro 9,7". Rose Quartz Leather & Light Grey Wool Felt.
iPad Pro 9,7" For Apple Pencil.


iPad Pro 9,7" For Apple Pencil.

€ 39.99

About Felt
Felt 100% wool and around 1/8" thick.
A biodegradable and renewable material, wool felt is water-resistant, self-extinguishing, and known for its thermal and acoustic insulation properties and its highly saturated and lightfast colors.

Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Green. 
Felt is a wonderful rich, warm and luxurious material that is also renewable, reusable and recyclable. Our 100% Virgin Wool felts are dyed with Earth friendly non-toxic dyes.

Compatible with Apple Pencil.
White elastic band on top of the pocket for extreme strong hold for your Apple Pencil.
In the pocket you can hold some things like pens, pendrives, or your iPhone.
All sleeves are handmade in Murcia, Spain. Europe

German 100% Virgin Wool and around 1/8" thick. (3 mm)
Spanish 100% Leather
"Waldes" Snap & rivet.

Design and Manufacturing
Jaled Vela. (Made in Spain)

Felt: Light Grey Wool Felt
Leather: Quartz Pink Leather 

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International Carrier: Spanish Post (2 days to 2 weeks) Depending where you live.